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3d Printed Neighborhood Coming To California

3D Printed Neighborhood Is Coming to California 

There is no doubt that technology and industry will continue to evolve in many forms. Many futuristic sectors are currently being developed. Initiatives such as the robotic and the internet of things are becoming more and more of a factor. 

 Another industry that is emerging very quickly is the 3D Printing industry. 3D printing is emerging in various aspects of society. It has become abundantly clear that 3D printing has become a part of the housing industry as well. 

 As hard as it is to believe, there is a desert in California set to become a neighborhood constructed entirely via 3D printing.

 In this piece, we are going to examine this fantastic occurrence in greater depth.

 The location of this potentially historic neighbor good will be the Coachella Valley. Thanks to a partnership between an organization specializing in sustainable real estate development and a construction technology firm, 5 acres of land will become a community of 15 3d-printed houses.

 The construction technology firm is named Mighty Buildings. Mighty Buildings considers this project as a realized fulfillment of its vision for the housing industry’s future. 

 Mighty Buildings is based in Oakland and specializes in creating homes with the use of 3d printers that are pretty sizable.

 The material used by the construction company is designed to harden instantaneously. Thus, roofing and insulation can be done in one seamless process. 

 Mighty Buildings can automate 4/5th of the home construction process while achieving cost savings in manpower. Their approach allows environmental waste to be significantly reduced.

 According to the company’s chief sustainability officer, Mighty Buildings can build a 350 square foot home in a day. 

 The 3D-printed homes will have a modern look. All homes will be 1450 square feet and will consist of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Also, each home can have another 2 BR/1 BA residence on the premises. 

 Each home will have a pool in the backyard. Individuals can opt for amenities such as hot tubs and fire pits. 

 Prices for the primary 3 BR/2 BA 3d-printed home start at $595,000. If one opts for a two-home setup with enhancements, the price is $950,000.

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How Your Credit Score Affects Home Buying

Credit score has several impacts on people’s lives, among them being home buying. It is a measure of personal credit files that dictates the worthiness of an individual. Let’s look at some of the impacts that a credit score can sum up.


Lending and Payment

Apart from a rock-solid financial history, a credit score also matters a lot in approaching lenders. It has an impact on the amount of loan you qualify for to purchase a house. They look much into applicants who have a good record with other lenders, especially on payment duration. Thus, it is also an indication that the respective borrower will be accountable and meet the obligations.

A good credit score implies that the borrower will repay and in the speculated duration. This varies depending on your credit report’s information that brings together your history of borrowed money and payment habits.


Mortgage Rates and Credit

For you to acquire the best mortgage rates, your credit score should be high enough. Persons with a low credit score will end up paying more money during the term of their mortgage. This is attributed to the increased interest and monthly payments.

Generally, a credit score of 700 and above will place you in the best position for mortgages and with the best rates. However, there are still better options for credits below 700. Below is a summary of the scores and statuses. 

800 or higher is an exceptional credit, 740 and higher has excellent credit, between 700 and 739 is good credit, and between 630 and 699 results in a fair credit. But for 629 and below results to poor credit.


Down payment Amount

When your credit score matches the desired range, you will be in for a reasonable down payment. Additionally, there will be favorable terms such as a lower original fee. Also, borrowers who bring in more cash on the table reciprocate their potential of delivering and fulfilling the agreement terms. 

Borrowers with a low credit score will raise trust issues and will be an accomplice of higher requirements. Such conditions can be incorporating private mortgage insurance into their loans which is results in extra costs. This is pragmatic, especially for new home buyers who need to create a reputable note.

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3 Great Social Media Profiles for Active Real Estate Professionals

In the real estate environment it is important for professionals to stay up to date with everything from decor trends to who is leading in the industry. Social media can be a great tool to help professionals stay current with everything they need to know and make connections with other real estate professionals along the way.

Here are three great social media websites that you need to make a profile on today to advance yourself in the industry.

1. ActiveRain.

ActiveRain is one of the largest and most active social networks for professionals in the real estate industry. The network is home to nearly 300,000 members, and includes just about every type of real estate professional that there is.

The biggest aspect of ActiveRain is the enormous amount of knowledge you can gain by surfing through their website. With over 4 million blog posts on just about everything there is in real estate, members share their best practices as well learn from others.

One of the features that helps ActiveRain stand out from its competitors is the ActiveRain University (ARU). ARU hosts free webinars as well courses on how to grow and expand your real estate business. Courses range from, lead generation all the way to the best blogging practices for the real estate professional. Apart from webinars, there are also podcasts that you can listen to so you can learn while you are on the go.

ActiveRain is a great community to help you get started in the real estate industry and can further your expertise as a real estate professional.

2. Houzz.

A one-stop shop for home remodeling and design, Houzz offers the ability to find just about everything you could imagine during your remodeling or redesign process. Houzz removes the hassle of starting a new project by putting everything in one platform, where it is easy to save and categorize your ideas.

Upon entering the website, you can search for design ideas, products themselves, or even advice and stories to help further you along in your creative process. It doesn’t stop there though, Houzz offers the unique feature of being able to find local professionals in your area, to help with just about every stage of your remodeling journey.  

It’s almost guaranteed that you will be on this site for hours, exploring all of the design concepts and stories that their community has to offer.

3. BiggerPockets.

BiggerPockets is more closely aimed at the real estate investing niche. The site offers many features that can help any type of real estate investor, from the new investor looking to make some side income to the seasoned veteran just looking to refine their skills.

The largest aspect of the site is their social network. With over 600,000 members, you are able to engage with other professionals no matter what section of the site you go on. You can connect with “colleagues” and build relationships with other investors and even meet members local to your area.

The site doesn’t stop there. The community section lets you interact with other users by posting on forums about different topics and also reading success stories from other users. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the forums, BiggerPockets offers an education section to help you get started or fill in the gaps along the way. The marketplace section shows real time listings in your area as well as finding real estate positions that are open.

One of the features that helps BiggerPockets stand out from the other social networks is the tools section. The tools section offers property analysis calculators and other resources to help professionals make more informed decisions during their investing.

BiggerPockets can help you take your investing to the next level.

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